At Angie's Juicery, artisanal juices are handcrafted and made daily in the heart of Seaton Village, Toronto.  





When I first tried homemade green juice at a friend's back in 2014, I liked the idea of plant based nutrition more than the taste! But clearly it grew on me, because before long I craved it daily and started sampling varieties from local juicers and grocers. Having developed a discriminating palate for the wide range of juices available on the market, I set about perfecting recipes that I and my family would love. Working with fresh ingredients , I mixed and matched, experimented and tinkered with the recipe, testing on anyone willing to lend a taste bud. Slowly, steadily, Angie’s Juices became what it is today and I am proud and happy to share them. 

I used to work in the 3D computer animation industry, and now I use my senses in different ways, from hands-on made-with-care production to early morning deliveries. There was and is a lot to learn, but the work always seems to feel right. Right in that I can look after my two young children and my community while building a local business in Seaton Village. Right in that I am fulfilling my instinct to nourish the people around me in good and healthy ways. I am grateful to my family, friends, and neighbours who continuously inspire and support me to live this dream. Join me in the journey!

With love,